The Host of What's Shakin with Shaner

The host of "What's Shakin with Shaner", is none other than Shakin Shaner.  Shaner grew up in rural Nebraska when the geek bug caught him at an early age watching Saturday morning cartoons and reading his first comic books around the age 8.  At the age of 13, his 1st comic subscriptions were to GI Joe and Star Wars both from Marvel.  

His nerdiness crept in around that same age when he discovered Ivanhoe, the wonder of science, and ancient history.  In college he was introduced to Monty Python and D&D while studying history and literature.  Even during his honorable service to the United States Marine Corps, the geek came calling as he discovered Jen 13 and Image comics.  To round all of this out he was a mobile DJ, karaoke host and Elvis impersonator for eight years.  

Intrigued with the mysteries of our world, in 2008, Shane renewed his interest in archeology, anthropology, geology, and ancient civilizations.  In 2012, Shaner became involved with several friends on many campaigns of Pathfinder, was a play tester for a new adventure series, and was a collaborator and author in a new role-playing concept.  For many years he struggled to comes to grips with his Geek and Nerd tendencies, however, as you can tell he has become a well adjusted adult with more interests and curiosity than he has time to explore.  He decided to start this podcast to share many of those things that have fascinated him, many unique stories from our past, and his excitement for the oddity of it all.