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Psycho Bobb and Shaner discuss pirate treasure. Dive into the rabbit hole with them and hear about the pirates, Captain William Kidd, Olivier Levasseur also known as the Buzzard, Black Sam Bellamy and Amaro Pargo.

  • Did pirates really bury their treasure?

  • Have treasure hunters found any? 

  • What happened to Captain Kidd's treasure?

  • Has Pargo's treasure been found?


Join them to find out!

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Some Truly Unique Episodes

Our show debuted in August 2020 and below are some of our most unique episodes to date. If you have missed them, well here is your chance to find them. Just click the buttons below and go to that page and give it a whirl. To find all of our episodes, hit the button below.

Whose Soul is Trapped in the Magic Mirror?
Episode # 12

Thundarr 3 (64).png
Thundarr 3 (76).png

Where's My Jetpack?
Episode # 21

Thundarr 3 (97).png

Blue Beard: A fairy tale or horror story.
Episode # 24

Icelandic Sorcery
Episode # 26

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