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Join Bobber and Shaner as they discuss Shawn Inmon's book, Kradak the Champion.

They call him Kradak, but his friends call him Steve.

He’s big and strong – an actor who plays a hero named Kradak in a series of B-movies. When Rista and Grint come through the portal from Arkana, they don’t understand what a movie is. They think Steve truly is Kradak the Champion. They kidnap him and take him back to Arkana to help them save their world. Once they discover the truth, it is too late. The portal is closed. Steve needs to become a hero. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

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Top 5 Episodes

Our show debuted in August 2020 and below are the top 5 most listened episodes since that time. If you have missed them, well here is your chance to find them. Just click the buttons below and go to that page and give it a whirl. To find all of our episodes, hit the button below.

#5  Gate Control Theory of Pain & Mystical Powers

#4  The Adventures of Jonny Quest 

#3  Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

#2  Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

#1  Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz 

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