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Latest Episode-The Crash at Crush

Shakin Shaner and Psycho Bob the Cat explore failed marketing and publicity stunts while contemplating ways to promote "What's Shakin With Shaner".


Learn about the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati's turkeys away episode in 1978 and  McDonalds millions lost in the 1984 Olympics give away. Then it takes a sharp turn to the tragic with Pepsi's failed marketing campaign in the Philippines that lead to death threats, riots and death due to the firebombing a delivery truck. Then meet Mr. William Crush and his idea to crash two 35 ton steam engines in a head-on train collision!

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Upcoming Episodes

 A new episode will be out every 3 weeks, however, this is subject to change.  Check out the potential  upcoming episodes:   

Thundarr the Barbarian

A Call for the Dead by John le Carre

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