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Welcome to the podcast,  "What's Shakin With Shaner." 


Each episode features an interest of Shakin Shaner that does not always come up in casual conversation.  This is his way of celebrating the passion and the madness of the Geek, the Nerd, and often, the Absurd!

Each episode is listed below and click the link to go its separate page with the podcast and additional content.  

All  Podcast Episodes

Episode 13
The Crash at Crush

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Shakin Shaner and Psycho Bob the Cat explore failed marketing and publicity stunts. From the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati's turkey drop to Pepsi's failed marketing campaign in the Philippines to the head-on train collision of the Crash at Crush!

Episode 11
Words & Phrases

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Join Shakin Shaner as he explores fun words to say, words we do not use often, 80's slang, military terminology and the crazy shit his dad says. His is join by Matt, cohost of the Don't Wreck Yourself podcast. Listen in while they debate which is colder....

Episode 9

Sean Connery James Bond

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 Shakin Shaner and Jeff pay homage to Sean Connery as the definitive James Bond.  Join them as they explore the movies and the lasting impact of Sean Connery.

Episode 7

Odd Thomas, by Dean Koontz.

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Shakin Shaner is joined by Jeremy, fellow Marine and fan of Odd Thomas.   Jeremy  shared this novel with Shakin Shaner years ago and listen to them get their nerd-on. 

Episode 5

General Smedley  Butler, the life and legacy of Old Gimlet Eye.

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Shakin Shaner explores  Major General Smedley Butler and dives into his participation in the March of the Bonus Army, the Business Plot and his book, "War is a Racket". 

Episode 3

A debate-Jetson Transport Tubes Thingies

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Shakin Shaner is joined by four expert panelists to debate the complex issue of the Jetson Transport Tube Thingies: Why don't we have them and who dropped the ball. 

Episode 1

Spider Man & His Amazing Friends

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Shakin Shaner hosts Mike from Comics in the Golden Age (@ComicsintheGA) in a geek out on the 1981 Saturday morning cartoon, Spider Man & His Amazing Friends.

Episode 12
Who's Soul is Trapped?

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Join Shakin Shaner as he discusses mirrors in mythology and attempts to determine who's soul is trapped in the magic mirror in Snow White, the Grimm Brothers story.

Episode 10
Burned fingers, the salmon of knowledge & the heart of Fafnir

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Join Shakin Shaner as he discusses the gate control theory of pain and how we instinctively sucked a burned finger. He then heads on a rabbit hole to discuss two mythical heroes and  how they gain their power from sucking a burned finger. Discover the absurdity of this episode.

Episode 8

Meet the Fictitious Five!

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 Shakin Shaner is joined by three expert panelists to create a new superhero team....The Fictitious Five.  For some context--this is all in the spirit of the comic books Flaming Carrot and the Mystery Men. 

Episode 6

The Adventures of Jonny Quest with Mike from Comics in the Golden Age.

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Shakin Shaner and Mike from Comics in the Golden Age (@ComicsintheGA) let their geek flags fly on the original Adventures of Jonny Quest which aired in 1964!

Episode 4

Movies that Scare Us with Jeff, the Movie Guy.

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Shakin Shaner and his friend Jeff discuss monster movies, Hitchcock, 80's slasher movies, alien movies, vampire, zombie, and several other movies that they find scary or disturbing. 

Episode 2

The novel, Ivanhoe

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Shakin Shaner and his friend Randy, a fellow book worm, embark on an enthusiastic nerd-in on Ivanhoe. They explore this 200 year old novel. One of the 10 best adventure novels, ever!