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Episode 39-Psycho Bob Says
Read Kradak the Champion by Shawn Inmon

Welcome to the 39th episode, which is another 10-minute installment of Psycho Bob Says. Join Bobber and Shaner as they discuss Shawn Inmon's book, Kradak the Champion.

Kradak the Champion's first appearance is standing atop a mound of bodies; some of which are not quite dead. In his arm is a chubby child he's rescued, who is destined to become a leader. Kardak is not just a hero. He's a warrior.
This image is captured in a film that, in the real world, features Steve, an actor who plays Kradak in a series of B-films. Unfortunately, the film attracts the wrong kind of viewer when Rista and Grint come through a portal from Arkana, view the film portrait of this hero's exploits, and decide that Steve is just the person to save their world. It isn't until they kidnap him and bring him to Arkana, the portal closed behind them, that they discover that Steve is anything but a hero. 

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