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Episode 6-Jonny Quest

Welcome to the 6th episode! Shakin Shaner and Mike from Comics in the Golden Age (@ComicsintheGA) in a geek out on the original Adventures of Jonny Quest which aired in 1964!

They discuss uniqueness of the show when it first aired, starting with the original artwork from Doug Wildey, the influence from the comic strip Terry and the Pirates, and even James Bond.  The show only lasted one season, but churned out 26 episodes of action adventure gold.  They touch on all of the characters, the music, and the episodes that will always stand out to them.  

jonny quest gif.gif

Doug Wildey

jonny quest 5.jpg

Comic Artist Doug Wildey was the creator and original artist for The Adventures of Jonny Quest. His cinematic style was one of the reasons he was chosen for Jonny Quest. As you can see from the middle image , this was such a unique look for cartoons in 1964 and it still is today.  Doug wrote and drew several comic strips before Jonny Quest and wrote and drew his own comic book, Rio.  For more examples of his work, look below.

RIO At Bay 1 Jul 92.jpg

Comico Jonny Quest Series

During the podcast, Mike discussed the 1980's Comico Jonny Quest comic book series.  Below are some examples of the Comico series artwork to include  the 1986 cover from artist, Dave Stevens, that Mike noted was one of the sexiest designs of Jezebel Jade.  All other cover work shown below is from Doug Wildey.

comico cover.jpg
comico doug wildey.jpg
comico cover- wildey 2.jpg
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