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Episode 3-A Debate on the Jetson Transport Tubes

Welcome to the 3rd Episode of "What's Shakin With Shaner." In this episode, Shakin Shaner is joined by four expert panelists to debate the complex issue of the Jetson Transport Tube Thingies: Why don't we have them and who dropped the ball. 


Apparently companies in the 1960s were working on the technology to transport humans in pneumatic tubes just like in the Jetsons. However, we never got the technology so  Lisa, Ashleigh, Jim and Randy join Shakin Shaner to debate the reasons why!  This debate, full of imagination and something you don't wanna miss! ​

Additional Content

In the late 19th century pneumatic tubes were starting to be widely used in department stores, banks and stock exchanges, where small packages and notes could be sent over relatively short distances at a rapid pace.


At that time, it was considered in futuristic fiction like Edward Bellamy’s influential 1888 novel “Looking Backward.”


In 1905, T. Baron Russell, wrote, “We may take it for granted that every well-equipped business office will be in direct communication, by means of large-calibrated pneumatic tubes, with the nearest post-office. And however rapidly and however frequently the trains or airships of the period may travel, the process of making up van loads of mail matter for dispatch to remote center, and redistribution there, is far too clumsy for what commerce will demand a hundred years hence. No doubt the soil of every civilized country will be permeated by vast networks of pneumatic tubes: and all letters and parcels will be thus distributed at a speed hardly credible to-day.”

Cech out the videos below that show the concept of the Jetson Transport Tubes being realized today:

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