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Episode 8-Meet the Fictitious Five

Welcome to the 8th episode! Shakin Shaner is joined by three expert panelists to create a new superhero team....The Fictitious Five.  For some context--this is all in the spirit of the comic books Flaming Carrot and the Mystery Men. 

They must create their superheroes from a list of 15 absurd super powers, a name and an origin story.  Our team also discovers that they are missing the Fictitious Five leader, the Night Manager. Then they must discuss interviewing new members.  Full of jackassery, you do not want to miss this!  

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For some context--this is all in the spirit of the comic books Flaming Carrot and the Mystery Men.


The Flaming Carrot origin states that "having read 5,000 comics in a single sitting to win a bet, this poor man suffered brain damage and appeared directly thereafter as—the Flaming Carrot!" The Carrot, who lives in Palookaville, a neighborhood of Iron City, has staved off at least three alien invasions, a Communist takeover of Iron City, flying dead dogs, the Man in the Moon, Death itself, and a cloned horde of evil marching Hitler's boots. Possessing no real super powers, the Carrot wins the day through sheer grit, raw determination, blinding stupidity, and bizarre luck.


Flaming Carrot was also a founding member of the blue collar superhero group the Mystery Men, introduced in a flashback/dream sequence in Flaming Carrot Comics #16. The story of this group was later made into the 1999 movie Mystery Men and a short-lived spin-off comic book series. The Flaming Carrot himself does not appear in the film, although a handful of characters like Mr. Furious, the Shoveler, and Dr. Heller do.

Super Powers:  Our panelist had the list of 15 super powers below to choose from: 

  1. The ability to control oatmeal in all its forms

  2. The ability to grow facial hair in any form and to any length and to any strength...on demand

  3. The ability to transform/morph into others, but for some reason, you can only morph into members of the Village People

  4. The ability to hypnotize others, but it's because you can only speak in nursery rhymes

  5. The ability to increase or reduce friction in any object or situation

  6. You possess superhuman strength and invulnerability, but only when you are feeling embarrassed, the more embarrassed you get, the stronger you get.

  7. The ability to teleport, but your first "stop" or "location" you must go to every time you teleport is Toledo, OH.

  8. The ability to mentally communicate with and control all chickens, dead or alive.

  9. The ability to increase or decrease the body odor of anyone.

  10. The ability to control all forms and types of gravy. 

  11. The ability to force anyone in your line of sight to communicate only in "Show Tunes".

  12. The ability to mentally place any song of your choosing into the mind of anyone in other words, you can get any song "stuck" in anyone's head.

  13. You possess the most superior intellect in the world, however, you can only access this power when you are drunk as a skunk.  When not drunk you are a simpleton.

  14. The ability to understand and operate all vehicles and forms of transportation, however, you cannot operate any of them well.

  15. The ability to know the nearest location of all convenience stores, always find the best parking spots, and can win every contest of thumb war.

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