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Episode 1-Spider Man & His Amazing Friends

Welcome to the 1st Episode of "What's Shakin With Shaner."  Shakin Shaner hosts Mike from Comics in the Golden Age (@ComicsintheGA) in a geek out on the 1981 Saturday morning cartoon, Spider Man & His Amazing Friends. Both first watched this show as children in the early 80's and share their fondness and joy of the superhero series. They dive into the episodes and discuss the premise of the series and all of the world building Marvel was doing early on in the 80's animated series.  

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5 of My Favorite Episodes

Additional Content

Video from Toy Galaxy that's pretty good and sums up a lot of what we discussed in the podcast.  . Almost no merchandise and no action figures, this was a cartoon created specifically to sell comic books.

Check out this great video of Stan Lee speaking at the University of California. He relays to story of how he developed the idea and story of Spider Man and that his editor thought it was a horrible idea and it would be doomed to fail.  

Stan Lee discusses with Kevin Smith how Spider Man is the "Every Man Superhero! Stan also explains how he considers himself as the co-creator of Spider Man and several other heroes.  

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