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Episode 2-The novel, Ivanhoe 

Welcome to the 2nd Episode of "What's Shakin With Shaner."  Shakin Shaner and his friend Randy, a fellow book worm, embark on an enthusiastic nerd-in on Ivanhoe. They explore this 200 year old novel, how they discovered it by the same means and the positive impact it had on both of them. With Randy's background in history and time spent as an educator, they dig deep into some of the background, discuss the historical significance of King Richard, Prince John and even Robin Hood.

Check out their passion when they discuss the two main characters of Wilfrid of Ivanhoe and Brian DuBois Gilbert.  Ivanhoe addresses many themes relevant today such as, racism, division of society classes, and haves versus the have nots. The differences between the ending in the book, versus the 1952 movie and the 1982 movie is another fine point of their nerd-in. If you are a fan of Ivanhoe or new to the book, check out this great conversation on this literary classic.   

Additional Content

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BBC has listed the 100 novels that shaped our world.  They list Ivanhoe as one of the10 of the best adventure stories ever told. Check out the list and their comments on Ivanhoe. Also below is a BBC video on Ivanhoe and also a podcast on Sir Walter Scott! 

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