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Episode 34-Psycho Bob Says What's the Deal with 
Johann Konrad Dippel?

Another 10-minute installment of Psycho Bob Says...Join him and Shaner as they try to answer 3 questions

  1. Who was Johan Konrad Dipple?

  2. Was he the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein?

  3. Was he the real-life Dr. Frankenstein?

He was born August 25, 1673, in Castle Frankenstein near Darmstadt Germany. He studied theology, philosophy and alchemy at the University of Giessen, obtaining a master's degree in theology in 1693.


Dippel claimed to discover alchemy's elixir of life and that he could exercise demons and even killed a man in duel. Join Bobber and Shaner as they attempt to answer the questions above!

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