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Episode 41-Psycho Bob Says
Watch the Blue Eye Samurai

Join Psycho Bob and Shaner as they discuss and recommend the Netflix series, the Blue Eye Samurai. They say, Holy Crapadoodle its awesome and they are not kitten.

In 17th-century Japan, when borders are closed to the outside world, citizens would never see a face that was not Japanese, except in rare cases of illegal trade. Our hero, Mizu, knows there were only four white men in Japan at the time of her birth and sets off to kill these men, one of whom might be her father, who made her a “creature of shame.” But revenge is not an option for women, so Mizu must forge her revenge quest while hiding her gender as well as her blue eyes. 

blue eye samurai.jpg

The Hollywood Reporter stated, “This graphic, gorgeous violence is what grabs a viewer’s attention first, long before we understand who Mizu is or what she’s after; one of her first acts, a few minutes into the premiere, is slicing off the fingertips of a man with the deftness of a master chef. But what sustains the series in the long term is its knack for crafting compelling characters and engaging drama, even if the end results land as more fun than profound.”

The Empire also gave it a 100% rating and provided,” Blue Eye Samurai is a gorgeous, addictive thrill-ride that never loses sight of Mizu's point-of-view, even when the road ahead is obscured with blood.”

Collider gave it a 100% rating and noted, “From its breathtaking action to its near-flawless animation, it's a rarity to see a series that is so confident with itself in only its first season. From the opening moments, viewers are immediately sucked in and will immediately be left wanting more as soon as the credits roll on the finale.”

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