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As you have guessed from listening to "What's Shakin With Shaner" that several episode have sponsors and few do not. Our sponsors have become a very popular part of the series, so we wanted to provide a place for you to enjoy all of these "spots" and give our sponsors some love.  

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Episode 1 was sponsored by the movie "Dinosaur Destroyer". This is taken from the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. In "The Crime of All Centuries" the show opens with Peter and Angelica in a theater watching "Dinosaur Destroyer". 

Dinosaur Destroyer Original promoShakin Shaner
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Episode 4, "Movies That Scare Us" was sponsored by "Insanetarium" the horror movie from WTF Films. This based on the novel from Dr. Stephen Hatecraft. Are you ready for a spinning cyclone of insanity?

Insane-a-tareum promoShakin Shaner
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Episode 6, "The Adventures of Jonny Quest" was sponsored by WTF Network's all new Pirate Joke Hour & Half. Today's best comedians tell some of the best pirate jokes, ever. Check it out on Sunday's at 3 am. The hilarity never ends.

Pirate promo finalShakin Shaner
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Episode 7, "Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz" was sponsored by WTF Network's new gameshow Poop or Puke. If you have ever stepped in something did not know if it was poop or puke, well this show is for you.  The #1 show about #2. 

Poop or Puke Add FinalShakin Shaner
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Episode 8, "The Fictitious Five" was sponsored by the Lamb of God nondenominational church. Get ready for the Righteous Smackdown of Satan with Rev. Zachariah Smith and faith healer Alistair Jones.  It's gonna get biblical.  

Sponsor Lamb of God ChurchShakin Shaner
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Episode 9, "Sean Connery James Bond Movies" was sponsored by WTF Headline News.  The news we need you to know, that you did not know you needed to know, but now you know, ya know.  Based on real headlines published by newspapers from our the world.

WTF Network News 1 POST MIXShakin Shane
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Episode 10, "Burned fingers, the salmon of knowledge & the heart of Fafnir" was sponsored by WTF Network's new reality show, "Lounge Lizards in Style?" Who will be the new lounge singing sensation? We really do not know, but tune in on Fridays at 3 am. 

loung lizards in style finalShakin Shaner
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